Pay your invoices over 6 months.

Say goodbye to expensive loans, long application processes and bad cashflow! We give you instant access to funding for your invoices.

The benefits

Funding the global community of startups and scaleups

  • Reduce outgoings by 83%

    By paying over 6 months, we help you reduce your monthly outgoings by 83%. This improves your cashflow, impresses your shareholders and increases your runway.

  • Connect with Suppliers

    Finding world-class suppliers is often a long and arduous task. Thankfully, Playter helps connect you with amazing suppliers. And, if we can't connect you with someone in our network, we will source another one for you.

  • Say goobye to expensive loans

    Getting a business loan can be expensive and lethargic. Fear not, Playter can help you escape debt crippling loans and offer you an alternative way of splitting your costs to keep your cashflow healthy.

  • Invest in your business

    By reducing your monthly costs from other suppliers, Playter gives you the ability to invest in different areas of your business whilst your monthly budget stays the same. Whether that be investing in tech, or hiring more and earlier, we help you scale.

  • Improve supplier relationships

    By paying your suppliers within 24 hours of their invoices being issued, Playter keeps your suppliers happy. By paying on time, your business is seen as an ethical business meaning you'll have to pick of world-class suppliers in the future.

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