Payment Terms for
B2B Invoices

Plug and Pay - Playter

What is PlayterFlex

PlayterFlex is a no-code solution that gives you the
opportunity to offer flexible payment terms to your UK
customers of up to 12 instalments with no risk
on your business.

How does it work

Playter was founded to help UK Businesses grow through
flexible finance services.

Say hello to the PlayterFlex solution; The new way
to get paid upfront, faster and offer your customers flexible
payment terms.

Playter is overseen by the FCA.

Imagine if, with PlayterFlex you could…

without risk on your business…
  • Annual revenue
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer retention
  • Cash in bank
  • Churn
  • Time to close
  • Risk of nonpayment
  • MRR to ARR
  • Lost opportunities to happy customers

How it works for You

Add customer & invoice

add a customer and
invoice in 30 seconds.

Complete compliance

Playter checks their
eligibility and underwrites
them on the spot.


send links directly to your
customers via a personalised
email or insert into your own


get paid for completed
invoices weekly up front.

Payout process

First instalment is paid

Playter confirms receipt of first instalment

Playter pays out within 72 hours of receiving funds

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