How to give options to your clients

Playter Admin
17th Dec, 2020

It can be very tempting, in the quest to streamline and simplify your company’s processes, to offer a standard product to all clients. For recruitment agencies, however, it can be highly profitable to be flexible and give your clients options. Doing so can materially improve the amount of repeat business an agency sees and therefore improves profits as a result.

That being said, offering clients their own specialised service each time they have a recruitment need is not usually consistent with an agency’s attempts to save costs or drive efficiencies. In fact, offering bespoke solutions can often be a far more costly way of doing business.

Immediately dismissing providing bespoke solutions though can seriously impede a firm from cashing in on those profits that adaptable recruitment solutions can offer. And offering a bespoke service doesn’t mean your costs have to skyrocket. There are ways that you can still ensure your firm has an optimal cash flow.

Here, we examine giving options to clients by identifying why they are a good idea and then, crucially, how you can give your clients a fully flexible service from your firm.

Why you should give options to your clients

Before delving into detail about how a company can offer options to clients exactly, it’s good to underline why it can be beneficial to do so. Finding the why provides much needed motivation when trying to introduce a new way of doing business into your company – should you meet any resistance from employees.

Return business

Offering options to your clients is a great way to improve the amount of return business you see. The options that you provide your clients will work towards strengthening a relationship you have with them thanks to listening to their needs and fundamentally improving your ability to answer a brief. Plus repeat business will save your firm a great deal of money. And, less money is required into driving new business. Instead, profits are generated simply by servicing its current book of clients successfully.

Higher profits

Being highly profitable is, of course, central to what every business wants. Remember that fact when trying to shift towards a more bespoke way of offering your services. Those profits may not immediately materialise – but this business model is a slow burner that can take time to produce results. However, from all that repeat business, offering options to clients can reap serious financial rewards.

How to give your clients options

Giving your clients a flexible contract with options for the service they receive from your company does not need to be expensive. Plus, any increased costs that you do incur, should be outweighed by the increased amount of business your company does as a result.That being said, employing the following techniques should help keep costs to a minimum to maximise results.

Enhance your own team

Improving productivity within your team to help address a client’s specific and unique needs is a vital method to help continually offer your client a bespoke recruitment solution. When offering such a service, you have to rely on the individuals in your firm going above and beyond, as well as answer a client’s needs in a way that may not have been done before. As a result, your team needs to be empowered with the belief that they are highly capable agents who can respond and react to those needs effectively.

Listen to your clients

Listening to your clients is always important – whatever your business model. But if you are keen on offering more individual recruitment services, you and every individual at your firm must listen to what your clients say attentively at all times. Doing so is one of the biggest cost saving measures you will ever be able to employ. It protects against instances where mistakes are made from not answering a fully understood brief. Ultimately, it simply improves your company’s chances of providing clients with what they need each and every time.

Encourage lateral thinking

By promoting an ethos at your agency where team members are empowered to think for themselves, as well as a strong emphasis on listening to clients, the ability to think laterally to provide bespoke recruitment solutions is much improved. The more practice that employees have at thinking more laterally, the more effective the subsequent solutions will be. Clients will thus be happier and, over time, your firm will not have materially made the process of providing that solution more costly.

Promote flexibility

Another key element to giving your clients options is building flexibility into everything you do. It can start with the ethos of the firm, promoted through company culture, and be underlined in all dealings with a client. Flexibility will allow your agents and firm to offer bespoke solutions without having to follow a set regime or process which could be limiting – and thus less effective in itself.

Giving your clients options – key takeaways

So many companies shy away from offering clients options for fear of adding expensive complexity to their processes and procedures. However, just because it is expensive, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile doing. In fact, it can be a highly profitable business model, particularly when considering that doing business in this way is a big barrier to entry for competitors. Having less competitors means that you are far more likely to win and retain business than other more ‘one size fits all’ recruitment solutions out there.